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Our Technology

We specialise in Microsoft .NET and AWS Hosting

Microsoft .NET

Between us, we have more than 45 years of experience of Microsoft .NET. If you're in business, then this technology will suit you. Whether it's a simple website for your business or a complex integration with 3rd party systems, Microsoft's .NET technology has the power to do what you need.

We craft our code simply, efficiently and rapidly to do exactly and that means your business gets the best value for money too.

Max Impact also prides itself in taking on projects that others are afraid of. Get in touch if your systems aren't doing what you need and you want to hear "yes we can".

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is the go-to solution for business. Its compatibility and scalability means that it suits many business applications.

It is at the heart of all our websites and means we can promise that your data is safe, secure and most importantly, easily accessible.

We have undertaken many projects where data needs to be exported easily in numerous formats and Microsoft SQL Server is quick and easy to work with, meaning it's great value for our customers too.

Umbraco CMS

We use the incredible Umbraco Content Management System to create beautiful, easy to manage websites. For a number of years, Umbraco has been quietly taking the world by storm with its simplicity and power. We use Umbraco and uSkinned, along with our own experience of crafting incredible websites to create something truly unique, that will enhance your business cost effectively.

Drop us a line and ask for a demo of the Umbraco CMS today.

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